Tools and ingredients, 2021

Eating causes unconscious actions accompanied by emotions. The following instructions are intended to lead you to experience certain feelings that you might have had while eating. 

1  Jam and butter
Spread jam and butter thick and fast on your toast

2  Breadsticks
Break the breadsticks in pieces.

3  A bunch of grapes
Cram your mouth full with grapes.

4  Slices of apples
Spit out as soon as you take a bite of the apple.

5  A bag of chips
Have some chips while watching a TV series.

6  A glass of water
Empty a glass of water in a gulp.

Photography, Video, 1080p HD
Performer: Johanna Stiernspetz Fälth
Eating brings back memories and connects us to the past, present and future. This intimate connection enables me to imagine and evoke emotion – from joy to deep thought.